Minggu, 22 Februari 2015

Vegetarian Christmas

Since the advent of the children in our family, parental's new theme created around the Christmas dinner. We eat with or without children? That is, eat the children first and then the parents? Or everyone at once? The first option won it the past few years. The children eat earlier, and the adults start Large Christmas dinner when the kids are asleep.

Whether you're with or without children eat, often to make something different for the children. Slightly less culinary, so you are sure that they go to bed with a full stomach. That is why VeggieKidz past week working hard on the Vegetarian Christmas menu for the children's kerstdiner. A nice, easy vegetarian dinner which we hope and your stress level about ' what are we going to eat? ' ownership. One thing we know for sure, here they will devour.

First of all, there is of course the dress up the children's kersttafel. A beautiful decoration is half the battle. We are based on the classic Christmas colors red and green, but in a contemporary jacket with soft Mint green, red and pink shades. A super happy and stylish table is the result.

Just before dinner is always hectic. Children run around, you are working on the final preparations. The fine amuse to this is that you can prepare in advance all the morning of him, so you just before Christmas dinner only garnish have to do. So once the children at the table, then it can start dinner! We choose healthy and especially Merry Christmas paddenstoeltjes. Instead of a normal egg and tomato, you can also choose a quail egg to serve with a cherry tomato. Then it is more likely that the other 3 courses there are also still enter with ease.

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