Minggu, 22 Februari 2015

Not to Get Fat

BAD SÄCKINGEN. Firstly, it is different and second than you think: contrary to the original plans city has developed into the year 2013 for the financially extremely positively Bad Säckingen. Instead of having to slaughter the municipal piggy bank, there can be plenty of bacon. Stadtkämmerin Bettina Huber nevertheless occurs the euphoria - and buzz kill.

As the community councils end of 2011 on the double budget for the years 2012 and 2013 bred, it was clear that the city must fully use up their reserves in two years. It was different. As already last year the city can also 2013 put money on the high edge. Positive developments in the key assignments of the country, the income tax and the construction fees, but also a significantly lower taxes of the Tourismus GmbH as first feared are the main reasons that the city can lead to the reserves probably around 300 000 euros, like creating Bacon officially means. The original plan was still to take 2.7 million euros to reserves this year. New year's Eve, the reserve account of the city should be approximately five million hard. Worried, so Stadtkämmerin Bettina Huber said on presentation of the interim financial report in the Municipal Council, prepare only the trade tax. Behind the approach of 6.4 million euros, a question mark must be used.

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