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Not to Get Fat

BAD SÄCKINGEN. Firstly, it is different and second than you think: contrary to the original plans city has developed into the year 2013 for the financially extremely positively Bad Säckingen. Instead of having to slaughter the municipal piggy bank, there can be plenty of bacon. Stadtkämmerin Bettina Huber nevertheless occurs the euphoria - and buzz kill.

As the community councils end of 2011 on the double budget for the years 2012 and 2013 bred, it was clear that the city must fully use up their reserves in two years. It was different. As already last year the city can also 2013 put money on the high edge. Positive developments in the key assignments of the country, the income tax and the construction fees, but also a significantly lower taxes of the Tourismus GmbH as first feared are the main reasons that the city can lead to the reserves probably around 300 000 euros, like creating Bacon officially means. The original plan was still to take 2.7 million euros to reserves this year. New year's Eve, the reserve account of the city should be approximately five million hard. Worried, so Stadtkämmerin Bettina Huber said on presentation of the interim financial report in the Municipal Council, prepare only the trade tax. Behind the approach of 6.4 million euros, a question mark must be used.

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Noodle Recipe

Homemade noodles are not magic. The pure working time for manufacture of the dough, rolling out and cutting is maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Although about 60 minutes, the dough should rest before you actually processed him as well as of course especially for filled pasta the time needed for you to fill and "wrap" the pasta - but flavorful and the "mouth feel", come to this so keep even no purchased noodle from the bite. And of course the best part is: you know exactly what's in it.

Who made noodles itself at least once, is although not Spurn bought noodles, but feel free to take the alleged overhead. Also, you have just endless possibilities, to provide his pasta with delicious fillings and to give them their own forms. Classic ravioli or tortellini are only the beginning to a big world of tasty variety and sophistication.

Before one makes noodles themselves for the first time, you should know a few basic things. Because I know from my own experience, although not necessarily just make wrong about for the first time, but that you're just insecure, also and above all with regard to the ingredients, the consistency of the dough and the like, which is why I here just about list, which I have now learned and researched.

Vegetarian Christmas

Since the advent of the children in our family, parental's new theme created around the Christmas dinner. We eat with or without children? That is, eat the children first and then the parents? Or everyone at once? The first option won it the past few years. The children eat earlier, and the adults start Large Christmas dinner when the kids are asleep.

Whether you're with or without children eat, often to make something different for the children. Slightly less culinary, so you are sure that they go to bed with a full stomach. That is why VeggieKidz past week working hard on the Vegetarian Christmas menu for the children's kerstdiner. A nice, easy vegetarian dinner which we hope and your stress level about ' what are we going to eat? ' ownership. One thing we know for sure, here they will devour.

First of all, there is of course the dress up the children's kersttafel. A beautiful decoration is half the battle. We are based on the classic Christmas colors red and green, but in a contemporary jacket with soft Mint green, red and pink shades. A super happy and stylish table is the result.

Just before dinner is always hectic. Children run around, you are working on the final preparations. The fine amuse to this is that you can prepare in advance all the morning of him, so you just before Christmas dinner only garnish have to do. So once the children at the table, then it can start dinner! We choose healthy and especially Merry Christmas paddenstoeltjes. Instead of a normal egg and tomato, you can also choose a quail egg to serve with a cherry tomato. Then it is more likely that the other 3 courses there are also still enter with ease.

Chicken Breast

Crispy salad, tasty vegetables and crispy chicken fillet are the main actors in this recipe for spring salad with chicken breast.
Ingredients for 4 servings ingredients quantity entered servings conversion
1 head of Batavia
1 pinch of cayenne pepper
4 tablespoons vinegar
250 g chicken breast fillet
250 grams Kohlrabi
7 tablespoons olive oil
1 bunch parsley
1 pinch salt and pepper
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
150 grams of sugar peas
Clean snow peas and Blanch (2 minutes in boiling salt water, cold deter), drain.
Peel the kohlrabi, quartered and cut into slices. Clean the salad, wash, spin and rip apart into bite-sized pieces. Wash parsley, pluck off the leaves and coarsely chop.
A dressing mix vinegar, 5 oil, salt and pepper.
Cut the chicken into strips and crispy FRY in the remaining oil. Season with salt, pepper and paprika and sprinkle with the sesame seeds.
Salad, vegetables and parsley with the dressing mix and distribute the chicken pieces on top.

Diet Tips

Weight loss can be so easy!

Sometimes we make the life difficult ourselves. Do too much, too fast. Especially when it comes to the vexed subject of removing. While it can be easy if you know how to do it.

We give you 10 simple tips that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. Stick to it and you change your diet accordingly, it works also with weight loss.

Tip 1: don't snack number
In stressful situations, we tend to eat constantly. This distracts and gives new energy. But even if it is a healthy snack, such as an Apple or vegetable stick, this is not recommended for weight loss. The blood glucose level is by the food constantly messed and that affects fat burning. Get off the ongoing snack food. Schedule you in the morning and in the afternoon a snack such as a piece of fruit, vegetable sticks or cottage cheese and yogurt, if you need that. That being said you eat nothing but.

Tajine Recipe


The tajine with its cone-shaped lid comes from southern Mediterranean countries, especially from Morocco. It is originally made of clay and used by the Berbers. In modern amateur Cook shops, you get tajine but not usually made of clay, but the modern variants, which are manufactured as the bulbous Tonbräter made of pure clay.

Prepare pots

No matter whether Tagine should be made of clay or Tonbräter - before first use to remove the clay dust with a brush. The pot prior to each use for at least 15 minutes bathe completely in water. The sound swells up with water. When cooking, evaporated the water from clay and ensures a moist microclimate in the pot. A Tagine of clay you should before using well water, then pat dry and rub with oil.

Cooking in the Tonbräter

The cleaned and finely chopped ingredients - for example, for a full entree - the Tonbräter layers, while the fixed and insensitive as leeks, celery, onions or carrots to lay down. Meat or fish come out. Can previously fried the meat so that it later has a Brown crust. Give, where appropriate, yet sensitive vegetables like asparagus and broccoli. Don't forget seasoning, and who would like to much sauce, is to fund, but not a must. You must not admit fat or oil.

The closed lid ensures that the heat in the Pan remains and the food is heated so evenly. To protect the pot material, best in the cold oven, heat to 180 degrees Celsius. Now no longer open lid. The Tonbräter should be used only in the oven and not on the stove top or on an open fire. In the Tonbräter, the ingredients are steamed about 30 minutes in its own juices with or without addition of Fund according to the recipe. The water sound also releases moisture, everything stays juicy, the meat is pretty mature.

Mushroom Risotto

For the vegetable broth the onion cut in half and cut remaining vegetables into rough chunks. One half of the onion, carrot and celery for 12 minutes in one, Cook filled, pot with water.

The other half of the onion beautiful chop and sauté with 150 g of butter in a frying pan golden-brown. The Chardonnay open, just try and deglaze onions then with a half bottle. The rice and let it fry the liquid over low heat, stirring constantly.

Wipe the mushrooms or peel, but please do not wash. Then chop the mushrooms and sauté in a pan with some olive oil.

Celery, onion and carrot from the boiling broth take and gradually give most of the broth to the rice and cook up.

After approximately 15 minutes, the risotto should have reached the desired Sämigkeit. Now some Parmesan and stir and refine with some butter.

Risotto on a plate wreak - mushrooms above up and ready!